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  • 水彩の絵付けはひとつひとつ手で描いておりますので筆圧、水の加減、混色、天候、湿度など様々な要素により、絵付けには必ず個体差が出ます。1点物のハンドメイドならではとご理解ご了承ください。

  • 雨や汗を想定した耐水加工を施しておりますが、洗剤や石鹸水などに触れると耐水加工が剥がれるおそれがございます。入浴時には必ずお外しください。

  • 鋭い物でひっかく等すると絵柄が剥がれるおそれがあります。

  • 皮脂やヘアスプレーなどにより表面のつや消し感がなくなりつやがでることがございます。

  • 金属部分は真鍮メッキですので経年と共に変色します。使用後は汗や汚れをふき取り、直射日光を避け、湿度の低い所で保管していただくと変色が緩やかになります。


Türr's watercolor accessories are individually painted with watercolors on acrylic resin.

Please enjoy the gentle echoing colors of the watercolors and the fine touch of the brushstrokes.

The water-resistant coating ensures that the watercolor paintings will not be washed off by rain or sweat.



Acrylic *, watercolors, brass plating (metal parts)




  • Please understand that each watercolor painting is handmade, so there will always be individual differences due to various factors such as brush pressure, water, color mixing, weather, humidity, etc. Please understand that each piece is unique and handmade.


  • Although the product has been treated to resist rain and sweat, there is a possibility that the water-resistant finish may peel off if the product comes in contact with detergent or soapy water. Please be sure to remove it when taking a bath.


  • There is a possibility that the pattern may come off if you scratch it with a sharp object.


  • The surface may lose its matte finish and become glossy when exposed to sebum, hairspray, etc.


  • The metal parts are plated brass, so they will tarnish over time. After use, wipe off sweat and dirt, avoid direct sunlight, and store in a place with low humidity to slow the discoloration.

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